Y6 Planning

HTML – How to make a website

Length of unit: 10 x 1hr sessions
Objective: To create an alternative school website by writing HTML and CSS
Resources: Teacher notes, lesson plans, worksheets, video tutorials, image files

HTML-How to make a website
A complete unit of work for Y6 pupils complete with lesson plans, worksheets, teacher notes and video tutorials.

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Lesson 1 – Evaluating Websites

Objective: To understand that web pages are written in HTML code. To evaluate the good and bad features of different websites.

New Picture  New Picture (1)  New Picture (2)

Teachers’ guide
Lesson plan
Pupil worksheet
Download all lesson 1 resources as a zip file

Lesson 2 – Creating your first web page

Objective: To create a basic web page by writing HTML in Notepad, containing a title, H1, H2 and paragraph/s.

lesson_2 (1)  lesson_2 (2)

Lesson plan
Pupil worksheet
Commonly used HTML tags poster
Download all lesson 2 resources as a zip file

Lesson 3 – Preparing images for a web page

Objective: To take a selection of photographs from around the school and to then adjust/reduce their size appropriately for use on a website. To save and organise these images to the correct location.


Lesson plan
Pupil worksheet
How to re-size an image guide
Download all lesson 3 resources as a zip file


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