Raspberry Pi Resources

Here you will be able to find a selection of resources to help teach computer science and programming using the Raspberry Pi.  The Raspberry Pi is a cheap credit card sized computer that can be used as a capable desktop computer to teach computer science.  Moreover, what is exciting about this little machine is that it can interact with the outside world through a variety of sensors and devices.

Find more information from here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/

A Teacher’s Guide to Setting Up a Raspberry Pi in School

All you need to know to get a Raspberry Pi up and running in school. Includes how to get an internet connection via a proxy server and how to install Scratch GPIO.

A Teacher’s Guide to Setting up a Raspberry Pi in School

A basic introduction to Linux

The RaspberTuxry Pi is usually used with the Raspian operating system, which is a variant of Debian – a Linux distribution.  The following guide is a very simple, first steps introduction to a few commands that can be used with a Linux system.  It includes loggin in, changing directory, using a simple text editor, installing software and shutting down.

A basic introduction to Linux

Using a graphical interface with the Raspberry Pi

For many of users it would be nice to use the Raspberry Pi in the same way as they may use Microsoft Windows or Apple’s OS X.  Most people are used to using the windows, icons, menus and pointers (mice) – the WIMP paradigm.  This simple guide will demonstrate how the Raspberry Pi can be used with a graphical interface.

A Graphical Interface

Flashing a LED with the Raspberry Pi

Unlike typical PCs the Raspberry Pi invites you to add external electronic circuits, components and devices. Learn how to use ScratchGPIO to flash a LED (light emitting diode) and then program a switch to turn it on and off.

Flashing A Led