We all need a bit of help with planning and resources from time to time, especially when we’re expected to teach a new subject such as computing.

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What’s available?
Within this section you will be able to purchase units of work for years 3, 4, 5 and 6. We aim to make this planning available as an ‘off-the-shelf’ resource, meaning that it should be possible to teach each lesson immediately, without the need to have expert knowledge of the subject. Each unit of work will include  an overview detailing what will be covered, a teachers’ guide, lesson plans and pupil worksheets. In some instances, other resources will also be available as part of the package including information posters, video tutorials and image files.

How do I download the resources?
Once a unit of work has been purchased, you will be sent a confirmation email containing a link to download all the resources. Following this link will take you to a page which looks very similar to the example shown below, where you can download resources lesson by lesson or download the whole folder as a zip file.


As we all know, detailed planning takes time and so this area of the website can be seen as a work in progress. However, we do have a completed Y6 unit of work on HTML which is currently being trialed in several schools. The overview of which can be seen here or by clicking the images below.

front_cover  overview_1  overview_2

To purchase the full unit of work as a download please click here.

Also, we’re very keen to hear your feedback on how useful you have found our resources in delivering the primary computing curriculum, you can do this easily via the contact page or contacting us via Twitter: @compmadesimp

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