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How to resize an image

Some images have extremely large file sizes. In the case of photographs, this is often because the picture has been taken with the camera settings at their very highest levels. While this might be useful if you want super high-resolution images that can be enlarged for printing or displays, it’s not so good for use on a web page or digital presentation because images with large file sizes contain more information and can take a long time to load. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the size of the images you intend to use and, if they’re too big, know how to resize them accordingly.

How to resize an image

Know your keyboard shortcutskeyboard_shortcuts_small

Knowing how to use keyboards shortcuts can dramatically improve your efficiency or ‘workflow.’ Put simply, using these shortcuts allows you to get things done more quickly. A good example would be Ctrl+S which automatically saves any document you are working on. It might not seem like this method is much quicker than the traditional ‘File>Save As’ method, but over time, especially when working on multiple documents, this will significantly increase your productivity. Click on the image to the right to download a poster detailing 12 of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

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