Chapter 2. Networks and the Internet

We all take the internet for granted. Every day we download huge volumes of data to our computers without a second thought about where that data is coming from and how it travels across the world. We are able to communicate instantaneously with our family, friends and colleagues no matter where they might be in the world. Sometimes they’re in the same house! But the world wasn’t always like this. Trust me I remember it. The last forty years have seen the emergence of countless computer networks which today are all linked together to form the vast global network we call ‘the internet’. So stop downloading whatever you’re downloading and download this chapter instead. By the end of it hopefully you’ll understand a bit about how networks and the internet work and stop taking them for granted quite so much.

Part 1. Introduction

How local area networks work.

Part 1. Introduction

Part 2. Wide Area Networks (WANs)

How wide area networks (WANs) work.

Part 3. The Internet

How the internet works.

Extra Reading: Encapsulation and Packet Switching

How the internet really works. Coming soon.

Part 4. Speed and Cost

How what we download affects the speed it downloads at and how much it costs.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 2. Networks and the Internet

  1. computing-made-simple Post author

    Hello Suzanne

    Unfortunately you can’t at the moment. The book only exists online. We make seek a publisher at some point if the online version proves popular. If you’re wondering where the missing chapters are, ‘Networks and the Internet’ is still being written (hopefully it will be online sometime this summer) and ‘Programming’ is currently at the final edit stage, so more should start appearing in the next few weeks.

    Kind regards

  2. Julie

    Good morning, I just wondered if you had decided to publish the book as I would be very interested in buying a copy. Also, is the chapter on Networks and Internet ready yet?
    Many thanks Julie

    1. computing-made-simple Post author

      Hi Julie

      The Network and the Internet chapter is finished, but we are still proof reading it. It has four parts. Part one has now been uploaded and part 2 will appear later today. Parts three and four will appear later this week. Hope you enjoy reading them. If you find any errors (I’m sure there will be many) please let us know.

      We haven’t decided on publishing yet. We been so busy doing our real jobs and writing things that we just haven’t got round to sending it to a publisher yet.

      Best wishes


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