About Us

Hello and welcome to Computing Made Simple. Our aim is to reveal the mystery associated with terms such as algorithms, coding, computer science, etc…which have become more prevalent since the new Computing Curriculum was officially introduced in September 2014.

We are a small team, comprised of two primary school teachers with 25 years experience between them, one of whom was short-listed for a national teaching award in 2013 for his work in developing the IT curriculum and an IT technician with 20 years experience of working with school networks.

Drawing on our first-hand experience of teaching computing, we decided to write a teacher-friendly guide to help those new to the subject deliver the curriculum with more confidence. This guide then blossomed into an entire book, split into four chapters: Data and Storage, Networks and the Internet, HTML – How to make a website and Programming – An Introduction. Each chapter is written in a style that is easy to read and contains numerous exercises, illustrations and screen-grabs, giving clear explanations of the concepts involved.

To describe this project as a labour of love would be a huge understatement. We are all professionals, however we are not professional authors, copy-writers, illustrators or graphic designers. What we are though, is a collection of people, working in education, who have a huge amount of enthusiasm for the subject and a strong desire to help other teachers get past their initial apprehension and to enable them to better understand ‘computing.’

Everything you see has been done entirely by us. From the sidebar illustrations and the book cover, to the design of both the book and the worksheets (laid out using the open source DTP software Scribus) and the design of the website (with a little help from WordPress.) We had the original idea for this project in April 2014 and it took over a year for us to get this website up and running, but it’s been fun and we hope that the book, resources and advice offered here will demonstrate just how much work has gone into making computing-made-simple what it is today.